Can you really trust online headshops?

In the last couple of years, headshops are popping up all over the internet. With all of these headshops available, you may be wondering, can they really be trusted? Usually, headshops which are trusted offer many benefits for their customers including glass insurance, quality customer support, and great social media presence. Here are some of the benefits worth talking about when purchasing from an online headshop.



Online headshops are able to hold a larger inventory as they are not restricted by store space. This allows them to carry a variety of different pieces that you generally wouldn't see when you visit a headshop in person. This is a huge benefit as you can enter the website with an idea of what you'd like to purchase and then leave the website being satisfied as you found the perfect piece for you. Shuttle Glass offers a growing product base filled with a wide variety of selection to help satisfy your need.



You can purchase a new piece wherever you are, you no longer have to worry about someone spotting you purchasing a new piece at a local headshop. You simply filter through the products listed, read the reviews, and purchase the product you'd like. Then the piece will be shipped discretely right to your door.



You will find that prices are usually cheaper when you are purchasing from an online headshop. The major contributor to this is the lack of overhead from rental space and employee wages. 


Selection / Customization

 When browsing an online headshop, you often find more customization available with your purchase. Since headshops can have more inventory and variety, they can allow you to choose from a list of options to craft your own perfect piece


Customer Service

When purchasing from an online headshop, it is extremely important that they offer quality customer service. Why? Well if you have an issue whether it be with your payment not going through or damage upon arrival, you would like to have someone you can contact and count on to help fix your issues. At Shuttle Glass we will replace any pieces that arrive broken. You can also add Shuttle Glass Insurance to your order so that if you ever break your piece, you can order that same piece at an extremely discounted price!


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