About us

Our Mission

Shuttle Glass is a Canadian Online Headshop which caters to anyone worldwide no discrimination at all. Our mission at Shuttle Glass is to deliver pieces of great quality and style. Pieces that come with years of use under proper maintenance and care. We want to help you get the smoking products you've always dreamt of having for prices that will leave you wowed.


How we started

Every great company has a story behind its beginning. Before Shuttle Glass was founded we were searching for a new piece ourselves, this was a hard task in Canada, it seemed as if everywhere we looked we just couldn't find the right piece. Once we found the right piece we noticed just how difficult it is to locate such pieces. So we wanted to create a store based in Canada which would have great pieces all together online to make sure others don't go through the same thing we had gone through. Now this problem doesn't only affect Canada, therefore, we had decided to allow anyone to purchase from our site with free shipping worldwide.


Security / Insurance

Did you break your piece after a couple uses? At Shuttle Glass we offer insurance for a low extra fee (The insurance is only offered on certain pieces and depending on the value of the piece it's a different fee), this insurance will help ease your mind when an issue like this occurs. You will be offered the same product for an extremely discounted value. See the insurance page above for further information on this topic.