Shuttle Insurance

Shuttle Insurance:

Shuttle Insurance is offered only on select products (generally on glass products). Shuttle Insurance is there to provide security for your glass products. If your insured product breaks, you can contact our support email here and we will help you with the process. You will then receive the same insured product for the current % modifier found below and the offer is only valid for the current insurance time.



 % Modifier Insurance Time As of 1/7/2019
50 180 days


By purchasing Shuttle Insurance, you agree to the following Terms of Service below.

Insurance Terms of Service:

  • The Insurance Terms of Service may be changed at any time without notice.
  • We may change the % Modifier and Insurance Time. Although these values will only take effect on future orders past the modifications.
  • When an insurance request is approved, the % Modifier and Insurance Time values will be used from the date of purchase.
  • Any request for insurance will be declined if it is past the insurance time from the day you purchased the product.
  • Shuttle Glass reserves the right to decline the insurance request if the product is found not to be broken.



If you purchased insurance for your product when the % modifier was 50% and the Insurance Time was 180 days then this will be locked to that product you purchased. We keep logs of the insurance variables based on date so it will be compared to the date you purchased the product and you will receive those values. This is to prevent the values changing in an unfair way and affecting you as a customer.